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Louisiana District Attorney and Detective Accused of Fabricating Evidence and Coercing Adolescent Witness To Send Innocent Man to Death Row
A federal civil rights suit filed late yesterday by the MacArthur Justice Center alleges that Louisiana law enforcement officials fabricated an eyewitness account that sent an innocent man to prison…
Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Louisiana Prison for Abusing Prisoners and Neglecting Serious Mental Health Needs
LOUISIANA –A federal class action lawsuit has been filed against the Louisiana Department of Corrections and David Wade Correctional Center (DWCC) for subjecting prisoners to cruel,…
MacArthur Justice Center Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Gretna, Louisiana for Using “Mayor’s Court” as Modern Day Debtor’s Prison to Balance Books
The Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center has filed a federal class action targeting the Mayor’s Court of Gretna, Louisiana for its inherent financial conflict of interest and focus on…

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